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After a swathe of redundancies in the financial and banking sector over recent years, we are now advising employees more due to restructuring and change. In addition, with the new government keen to cut back on public sector expenditure, lay offs in that area are more common.


Whatever the sector, it is always better to part on good terms with all the loose ends tied up. The only way to legally settle an employment type claim is by way of a Compromise Agreement. To comply with the Law, employees have to receive independent legal advice from a qualified solicitor on the potential claims they are abandoning. The Employer normally pays a contribution towards the employee's legal fees. 

Partners solicitors are specialist employment lawyers with extensive experience of negotiating and advising on Compromise Agreements. We provide free advice on compromise agreements throughout England and Wales and can help you to negotiate your settlement. We are flexible, pragmatic, experienced and professional and are happy to meet you in our London offices or at one of our many meeting rooms across England and Wales at no extra charge.


Partners solicitors have helped thousands of employees and employers achieve a dignified agreed exit under the mutual protection afforded by a Compromise Agreement ...


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Compromise Agreements - When an employer makes someone redundant or dismisses them for another fair reason, they often offer a compromise agreement.
Compromise Agreements are one of the working world's best kept secrets!
 So many are entered, especially in the City, but so few people have heard of them.
Learn some essential tips that may help if you find yourself being handed a one!